Our goal has been to take a straightforward, practical approach to legal coverage

Our goal has been to take a straightforward, practical approach to legal coverage. We carried those same values through to the JustLegal® process itself, laid out below in three easy steps.

Our Mission

In a perfect world, you’d never need a lawyer. Reality is unpredictable. From sign-up to settlement, JustLegal makes it simple.

Our Vision

We will take care of legal and you can take care of business!


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Together we are strong.

JustLegal stands ready to assist with any personal or business legal matter, no matter the scale.

At JustLegal, we’ve provide legal plans to individuals and businesses, fostering a world where everyone can attain legal protection—and afford it. Daily, unexpected legal queries arise, and with JustLegal by your side, you’ll have 24/7 access to a reputable law firm for covered personal situations.

Whether it’s real estate, speeding tickets, Will preparation, or beyond, we’re committed to assisting you with any personal legal matter—regardless of how significant or trivial it may appear. Because our dedicated law firms are prepaid, their primary focus is on serving you rather than invoicing you.

Brandon Shaw

Brandon Shaw

Founder & CEO

“Our goal is to give you the ability to talk to a lawyer on any personal or business legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs."

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Do you have any questions? Our team will be happy to assist.

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Everyone deserves legal protection

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