JUSTLEGAL® gives you the ability to talk to an attorney on any personal legal matter without worrying about high hourly costs. That’s why, under the protection of JustLegal, you or your family can live your lives worry free.


This website gives a general overview of legal plan coverage. The benefits and prices described are available in all provinces. See specific details on terms, coverage, pricing, conditions and exclusions in the Personal Legal Plans or Small Business Legal Plans sections of this website. JustLegal provides access to legal services offered by a network of provider law firms to JustLegal members and their covered family members through membership based participation. Neither JustLegal nor its officers, employees or sales associates directly or indirectly provide legal services, representation or advice. Case studies are actual JustLegal member experiences. Names and identities have been changed for attorney-client privilege requirements.

JUSTLEGAL® is division of Socovered Financial Services CC (FSP No. 51127), an Authorised Financial Services Provider and underwritten by various registered Short-term insurers.